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What is Airtight influencers?

Airtight Influencers is an Agency & Consultancy business formed for the purpose of strategically connecting social media micro-influencers with brands for marketing and advertising purposes.


Who are Airtight Influencers?

Airtight Influencers comprise a portfolio of over 70 micro-influencers from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and the UK. Influencers represented by Airtight Influencers work with Craig, Chloe, and Francesca to form Influencer Marketing Campaigns for a variety of different brands. Airtight Influencers fit into categories of Fitness, Fashion, Beauty, Home & Family, and Food & Drink, and Travel & Lifestyle.


What Do We Stand For?

We stand for transparency, value for money, and excellence in customer service.


What are our Values?
We value transparency, dependability, reliability, innovation and efficiency.

Transparency: At Airtight Influencers, we want to ensure that our clients and influencers are 100% aware of the value of each deal to each party. We seek to be transparent in our approach to ensure fair and ethically sound business.

Reliability: We want our clients to be able to rely on ourselves and on our influencers to complete the jobs that have been asked of them within the desired time frame. We want our clients to be able to trust that we will deliver the content agreed and aim to exceed expectations where possible.

Innovation: We want to foster a spirit of innovation wherein we are consistently looking ahead of the curve to set an example of best practice and creativity within the industry, with the aim of bringing the most up to date trends to our clients, new and current.

Efficiency: Airtight Influencers want to create a culture that ensures value for money, productivity, and efficient processes.

Why do we do what we do?

We do what we do because we believe that Influencer Marketing has become a solid element in the marketing mix. We believe that Northern Ireland primarily needed a professional agency to call upon should they want to invest in Influencer Marketing to promote their business and products. We want to provide solid advice and services to those who wish to hire social media influencers for marketing and advertising activities.


How do we Add Value?

We add value in our commitment to customer service and in our understanding of the value of Influencer content. We add value in our expert knowledge of the industry and in our understanding of what works across various businesses. We are not just an agency that gives you access to a wealth of influencers; we are also a consultancy service that can best advise you in how to best reach your target audience. We add value in our commitment to transparency in that our clients will always have sound knowledge of their ROI.


What makes an Airtight Experience an Airtight Experience?

An Airtight Experience is defined by a personable yet professional customer journey. Clients at Airtight will receive an entirely tailored and personalised experience with 1-2-1 support around the clock to ensure they are kept up to date, involved, and aware of all plans & activity.

Our Story

Airtight Influencers was born when we noticed a gap in the Northern Irish market for a ‘middle-man’ figure between business and our very own community of social media influencers. We recognised that, surrounding the hype of influencer marketing, many businesses wanted to benefit from this service, but few knew where to begin. We noticed a huge lack of knowledge and understanding concerning


  • how to contact influencers
  • which influencers would be a good match for their brand,
  • how much they should be charged, and
  • how best they should use influencers in their marketing campaigns.


This is where we stepped in. Not only did we want to aid influencers in managing admin and contracts, but also help them in managing professional relationships with the aim of longevity and continuity. We now have a portfolio of over 70 influencers from a range of backgrounds, locations, and social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. We aim to cater for a variety of target audience demographics in our selection of influencers.

What We’re Trying To Do and How We Plan to Deliver It

We’re aiming to become the go-to influencer marketing agency in the UK. We plan to deliver this by, first and foremost, staying true to our core values. Keeping these in mind, we plan to recruit the UK’s top micro-influencers that are reliable, personable, and committed to delivering quality content and results for our clients. We plan to grow a portfolio of trusted clients that will continue to work with us after their first campaign to deliver high ROI, top quality, and sustainable content. We will do this by providing a highly tailored and reliable service to every client, aiming to contribute towards excellent results and satisfied managers.

For Talent

Airtight Influencers acts as a representing agent for bloggers and influencers. We offer a service whereby we can:

  • Negotiate contracts
  • Liaise with clients to manage expectations
  • Make campaign recommendations
  • Agree brand ambassador terms
  • Ensure that contracts and deliverables as are agreed before signing
  • Manage all payments
  • Actively seek prospective clients
  • Promote our talent to potential and current clients for upcoming campaigns and Brand Ambassador roles


As an Agent we promise to:

  • Represent our talent’s best interests
  • Effectively manage each deal for which they have asked our representation
  • Ensure that each client recognises and appreciates the value of our talent and their content
  • Negotiate to ensure that our talent is getting the best deal possible for their work
  • Actively seek new contracts for our talent
  • Actively promote our influencer’s advertising and marketing capabilities for potential upcoming campaigns